Welcome to Mep Xtras for Mac!

Mep Xtras for Mac

An easy program to save your time!

Do you want to configure Finder to show hidden files, but don’t remember the commands or instructions to type in Terminal? Mep Xtras for Mac OS X is for you.

With Mep Xtras you can:

  • Show and hide files in Finder (including .htaccess that maybe you use on your website or blog, like Wordpress self-hosted).
  • Enable Quit menu on Finder, to completely close Finder.
  • Disable and enable Dashboard for use 3rd mouse button.

Left 4 Dead and other games: 3rd button can't open Dashboard!

If you use a PC mouse with your Mac, wich is more comfortable for games, you can be disappointed because clicking with 3rd button (also scroll button) calls Dashboard. Your game doesn’t receive that command harming your gaming experience. For instance, in Left 4 Dead you need 3rd button to activate things like zoom in some weapons. With Mep Xtras you can enable and disable Dashboard when you want it with just one click - ok, I know, just 2 clicks, because you need to confirm Finder restart, which takes less than 1 second on most machines.