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Some problems that may occur are easy to solve. Here I will try to help with the most popular problems.


I/O Error in Windows: this program does not support special chars in filenames or paths. Brazilian special chars like á, é, ç, ã, ô, etc. Please use a directory structure withouy those special chars. This appleis for some other languages that doesn’t uses English chars only.

Black screen appears and disappears and no file is saved: There is something wrong with filenames or params. Check paths and filenames for special chars, like commented above. When saving please add .mp4 to the end of the filename. Without the .mp4 the video may not be created. Also check screen resolution, it must be in the form width x height, like 1280×720. Time must be in 00:00:00 form, like hh:mm:ss. If there is some strange character in these fields, the program may be unable to process your request. Next versions will have a log which will help solving these issues.

Video doesn’t play or is corrupted: If your video does not work, check if it is compatible with ffmpeg. You may try to play it in another program, like VLC (Windows Media Player sucks). Or try to upload it to a website and check if it is working. Or… You may try to convert it using other software to a better supported format first. Than add watermark with this tool.

I can’t join videos: check if they are in the same size. Do not try merging videos from different sizes, like 1920×1080 with 1440×1080 or 1280×720. Also check if you saved with .mp4 extension at the end of the filename.

May I change the ffmpeg version? Of course! You may also try updating ffmpeg version. For Windows and Mac, download ffmpeg zip files and extract the binaries to the program directory. For Linux, use your distro package system or update it manually.

The watermark is at some strange position, streched or bad: Currently the image must be in the same dimension of the video you will add it to. If you have multiple videos, please resize the picture. Some recorded videos are not in full HD, even if they are played in full HD. My Sony HX5V camera does this when I record videos with the lower quality option. This camera produces video at 1440×1080, but the video is played at 1920×1080 in any player. I had to create a watermark in 1920×1080 and then resize it to 1440×1080. So it works.

About the future

This program will be updated with more functions and custom params to ffmpeg, so you will have more control over the conversion process. Please donate to make it happen faster!

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