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1 – Select your audio/video file and optionally select a place to save it.
2 – Click Remove noise.

DONE! Mep Video Tools is the world’s easiest program to remove background audio noise!

mep video tools - how to remove background noise in videos or audio

Configuring noise removal quality

Increment or decrement the “removal value” a little bit. 1 removes almost everything, you will have to increment or reduce it slowly. If your voice be damaged too much, try reducing this value. If the ambient noise is still present, try incrementing this number. Check also the noise interval:

Noise interval for profile generation

This program needs to know where are the ambient noise you want to remove. A part of the audio or video where there is only noise, without any music or voice.

By default this program espects that the first second is made only by the noise. Start recording, do not speak for one second and that’s it.

If the audio noise is anywhere in the video, you must provide the start and end time for it. Just some seconds are fine, there are no need to put a huge interval.

Without doing this it will not work. In my video tutorials and recordings, at least in 99% of cases the noise is at the very beginning of the recording, so it works very well and I don’t need to change anything. If you start your recording speaking or with some intro, you’ll have to adjust the time to define where is the noise! I will do a video tutorial about this soon.

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